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The collection Energy and Geostrategy reaches its third volume, corresponding to 2016. The success of the two previous volumes demonstrates the large impact of this innovative project in Spain, which emerged from the wish to combine the work of experts in the field from the business and institutional sphere with the labour of geopolitical analysts of defence, with the purpose of providing a multifocal and unified view of the strategic context that concerns energy. Energy and Geostrategy, which has been coordinated by the former minister of Industry and Energy and former president of INI (National Institute of Industry) Claudio Aranzadi, dedicates four of its articles to address issues essentially related to hydrocarbon supply, given the current relevance and impact of this matter: “Strategic vision of the energy’s maritime routes” (Gonzalo Sirvent), “The impact of jihadism on the energy sector” (Ignacio Fuente), “Geopolitics and the prices of oil” (Raúl Cardoso) and “Geostrategy of the liquefied natural gas (LNG)” (Enrique Locutura). The volume is completed with one last article about a crucial factor in the economic development: “The nexus water, energy, and food” (Mariano Cabellos and Lucila Izquierdo).

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