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The publication Energy and Geostrategy 2015 fits into a pattern of continuity with the preceding year, Energy and Geostrategy 2014. The success of this work and the broad impact caused by a project pioneer in Spain, emerged from the desire to combine the work of experts in the field from the institutional and business environment with the of analysts geopolitical Defence, with the aim of providing a multifocal and integrated vision of the strategic environment that affects energy, has led to the creation of a permanent collection , in which this book Energy and Geostrategy 2015 is the first volume. In it we have selected three works with territorial focus - on Middle East (F. J. Berenguer), Russia (F. J. Ruiz) and Arctic (V. López Ibor) - and two transversal characters - nuclear energy (A. Colino), and universal power supply (C. Sallé).-

The issues discussed in the present publication reveal, the elapsed from the previous year, we have witnessed a series of events of enormous significance in the map settings global geostrategic power, which, along with other new innovations, will be handled in the successive titles of the collection.

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